If you’re looking to buy firewood in Peoria IL or the surrounding area, look no further than Good Forest Timber Company for superior quality firewood. Our unique process produces the highest quality firewood with the following characteristics:

  • USDA certified for use in restaurants, and can be moved throughout counties under quarantine.
  • Debarked means no bugs and no mess and has an accelerated drying time. Debarked firewood reduces creosote buildup in your fireplace. It’s why our wood is recommended by chimney cleaning services in the area.
  • Seasoned using a stacking system that allows for proper airflow, but order early!! Our firewood is popular amongst homeowners and it’s not unusual to sell out of fully seasoned firewood by fall, especially if weather conditions for production haven’t been ideal. We recommend ordering your winter firewood as early as mid-summer.
  • Mixed Hardwoods with an aesthetic appeal that looks great stacked inside your home or business.
  • Smoke Wood for the best flavor infused eats. If there’s a place in Peoria that uses cooking wood, chances are it comes from us! Use our firewood on the BBQ or in the backyard fire pit!

Good Forest firewood is available in all sorts of species and dimensions from small bundles to face cords and full cords. Below is a list of measurements once the wood is stacked:

  • 1/4 face cord = 2’x4’
  • 1/2 face cord = 4’x4’
  • full face cord = 4’x8’
  • full cord = 4’x24’ equal to 3 face cords

*please note that firewood will be in limited supply this Fall and Winter 2020.  We strongly encourage our customers to order by August or September to ensure you have fully seasoned firewood for Winter.


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