about Our Team

Good Forest Timber Company is a timber brokerage company that harvests large tracts of timber. We use only the highest skilled, professional logging contractors in the Midwest. We select harvest any tree that has grown to maturity and is ready for harvest. All types of species are chosen from high-grade export logs to low-grade logs that we process on site into premium quality firewood and mulch. From our buyers to our contracted loggers, our specialty-trained staff is here to serve your forest needs. Our environmentally conscious company utilizes every ounce of the trees we harvest to make sure that nothing goes to waste. A beautiful, renewable, and lasting forest resource is our #1 priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why choose us?

A: We are a well-established fully-insured company with a strong reputation. Our goal is to make harvesting your timber a positive experience from start to finish. From the selection process to final clean-up, we are confident our integrity will show.

Q: What happens during the harvesting process?

A: Our timber buyer meets with the landowner in person to identify property lines. The trees that are ready for harvest are marked with paint. A detailed contract covering exact work to be done is provided and signed once agreed upon. Then we go to work. References are provided upon request.

Q: What happens to the trees once they're harvested?

A: The highest-grade logs are sold domestically and abroad and are used to make furniture, flooring, whiskey, and wine barrels- you name it! Low-grade logs go back to our yard in Mossville where we process every inch turning it into fine quality firewood, mulch, and sawdust. Nothing is ever wasted.

what makes us different

licensed, bonded, insured

Caring for you and our employees.

Professional Loggers

We only work with the most highly-skilled professional loggers in the Midwest.

Market Value

We look farther to find the highest bidder for your timber.

Good Forest Timber Company is your number one source for all things timber!