USDA Certified Firewood


For many, firewood is a staple. Firewood is used for cooking, heating, camping and many other outdoor activities. Good Forest firewood is particularly useful to local restaurants and campgrounds because of our USDA seal of approval. All our firewood is locally harvested within a 100 mile radius of the Peoria IL area.

In Peoria IL, USDA certified firewood is an important quality whether you’re using it for cooking or heating. By debarking our wood, we remove the threat of invasive species like the Emerald Ash Borer, as well as other insects and larvae. Not only does debarking remove the threat of invasive species, but it also results in a clean and mess-free stack of firewood.

When purchasing USDA certified firewood in Peoria IL, you help safeguard neighboring timbers. Our firewood is locally harvested and processed right here in Peoria IL and can be moved throughout all counties under quarantine for the Emerald Ash Borer. Each piece is hand-split to 16” in length so that it fits well inside most fireplace boxes, wood stoves and outdoor smokers.

Local area campgrounds are becoming stricter on enforcing the types of firewood that can be carried into their campground, and some are asking that you do not bring your own wood that you have cut. The USDA seal allows free movement of our firewood to campgrounds all over the Midwest. The USDA seal also certifies our firewood for use in restaurants who smoke meats or cook with a woodfired oven.

If you find that our 16” firewood pieces are too big for your smoker, give our “flavor chunks” a try. Our bagged chunks are approximately 3×3 inches and come in all the same flavors as our firewood:  Hickory, Oak, Cherry & Pecan. These chunks also carry the USDA seal of approval right on the bag. When burning firewood from Good Forest Timber Co., you can feel assured that you’re burning clean, compliant firewood.

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If you’ve dined at a restaurant that utilizes wood for cooking, chances are it’s USDA certified firewood from our wholesale firewood company. We stock the smokers and ovens of many local restaurants. If your home or restaurant would like to experience the quality of Good Forest firewood, call 309-579-3000 or contact us online. We can deliver up to 4 face cord at a time to your home or restaurant. We’ll provide you with a copy of our USDA seal of approval upon request. You can also stop by our yard Monday through Friday from 7:30 am – 5:00 pm.