Good Forest Firewood

About Us

Good Forest Timber Company is your number one source for forest products in the area. From our Mossville, IL facility we provide a wide range of products to meet the needs of your home or business including:

  • DE-BARKED seasoned firewood of all species (either single or mixed)
  • USDA certified hickory, oak, and cherry for use in restaurants utilizing wood for cooking
  • 100% bark hardwood mulch
  • Dyed red or chocolate shredded hardwood mulch
  • Walnut-free sawdust for horses and gardens
  • Whole logs of all species and all grades

Good Forest Timber Company  is a timber brokerage company that harvests LARGE tracts of timber within a 100 mile radius of the Peoria, IL area.   We use only the highest skilled, professional logging contractors in the Midwest.  All types of species are chosen and we select harvest any tree that has grown to maturity. From our buyers to our contracted loggers, our specialty-trained staff is here to serve your forest needs.  A beautiful, renewable, and lasting forest resource is our #1 priority.